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  • Louisiana State University in Shreveport Career Pilot (for students and alumni).
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  • Prattical things you can do after losing your job

    10 Steps to Coping With Job Loss

    Ten Steps to Coping with Job Loss Embed from Getty Images Check you have received your full entitlements. Ask your company’s human resources department to explain your entitlements. Try to negotiate financial advice, outplacement and career planning as part of your redundancy package. If you feel that you have been underpaid, call your union. Organize

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    Feelings & Roller Coasters -- Similar?

    Feelings Are Like Roller Coasters

    Feelings are a lot like roller coasters, aren’t they? Sometimes we are up, other times we are down; sometimes it feels like a slow climb up, while at other times it’s as if the bottom has fallen out. The main difference between the two is that in life, we don’t always have the luxury of

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    Editing work!

    Tell Us a Bit More About Yourself

    You probably know already that we put our interests/hobbies on our CVs/resumes, but have you ever thought much about why? It’s actually a great way for prospective employers to know a bit more about the kind of person you are. If, for example, you just like to relax on the weekends and play games, chances

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