Don’t We Just Deserve More Out of Life?

Monday–how do you feel about that word? How does it make you feel when you see it, say it, think about it–feel it? So many people associate negative emotions with it but, in all honesty, is there actually anything different or worse about Monday than any other day of the week? Not in my book.

I first had the idea to create many years ago and it didn’t actually begin to take a real form until last year. Why? Simply because I was stuck in the same rut that many of us get into: doing the things that we actually dislike because we believe we must, all the while not giving much thought as to why we feel unhappy about the arrival of each Monday. For many years, I felt that I wanted more out of life–who doesn’t–but in large part I ignored these feelings and kept trudging forward. One day, I actually looked at my (then) wife and said, “If this is what life is about, then I’m not interested.” Yeah, can you see how hopeless I had become? Can you identify?

Today, I realize that we are allowing people to teach us things like “Mondays are bad” and “you can’t say that you deserve more because just what makes you special, anyway?” Well, I’m of the mind now that says I can have an abundant life in every single possible way–and I believe that you can too. Furthermore–and this is a very important point for you to accept–we actually DESERVE a better life. The key to this, however, is that it is up to each of us to see, accept, believe and follow this path–it’s not possible for anyone or anything else to provide the better life for you. I and I alone can change my reality, which is also true for you, as well as the rest of the world.

At first, this can feel like a large, hard pill to swallow–trust me, I know. However, there is a huge degree of freedom tucked away in this knowledge and, if you choose to take it, your life will become one of powerful creation directed you alone. Think about that: an amazing, powerful, loving, peaceful, happy and abundant life of your own creation–brought into existence by your own hands.

After finding such an amazing power within yourself, don’t you think that you’ll also look forward to Mondays, as I do?

Love and peace to everyone.


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