Feelings & Roller Coasters -- Similar?

Feelings Are Like Roller Coasters

Feelings are a lot like roller coasters, aren’t they? Sometimes we are up, other times we are down; sometimes it feels like a slow climb up, while at other times it’s as if the bottom has fallen out. The main difference between the two is that in life, we don’t always have the luxury of seeing what’s ahead or being able to anticipate changes or new situations. Still, this is a small matter for the one who recognizes that we have the power to meet new challenges that may come our way. Life really is a beautiful thing, which appears to be a very difficult thing for most to remember and understand when the going gets “tough.” The difference between the successful, happy person and the struggling, upset person is rather simple: one knows that they can change things and the other feels like a victim. I know this from experience, because I used to play the victim. I used to blame circumstances, family, education–anything but myself. Finally–and luckily–I realized that the only person responsible for my success and happiness is MYSELF. At first, this was a big thing for me to accept and felt like too much weight to bear. However, after a time, I finally saw that not only was I capable of handling this, it’s what I was born to do! You, us–all of us–we are capable and born to do the same. Keep fighting–you can always rise to meet the challenge! Fear not tomorrow! Tomorrow is what YOU decide it will be!

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