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Tell Us a Bit More About Yourself

You probably know already that we put our interests/hobbies on our CVs/resumes, but have you ever thought much about why? It’s actually a great way for prospective employers to know a bit more about the kind of person you are. If, for example, you just like to relax on the weekends and play games, chances are the interviewer will NOT be impressed because they’ll see you as a lazy person with no goals other than to make a few bucks. In my free time, my favorite thing to do is to make films. Note that I said MAKE films, not watch them. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy watching films on occasion, because I do–but just here and there. I do not make a habit of subscribing to services such as Netflix, downloading movies, or utilizing a DVR to keep up with the latest TV shows. In short, I don’t care about these things. What I do care about is becoming better and doing things that I believe will inspire and encourage others to do the same. Remember that you can always be working toward what you trully desire inside, no matter who or where you are. ‪#‎believe‬ ‪#‎desire‬ ‪#‎justdoit‬ ‪#‎alwaysmoveforward‬

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