Who Gets The Next Big Opportunity?

Who gets the next big opportunity?

We’ve all been in a position before where we expected to get something, and…didn’t.

Disappointment is the word that comes to mind for most of us, and for good reason. It can be a difficult, emotional time when something doesn’t work out the way we hope, expect, or plan, especially for projects we’ve been working on for quite some time. Consider this, however: what if the BEST thing for us in these situations INCLUDES the losing of the thing we thought best? Now, here’s another couple of points to consider: what if–and think about it–the better and best thing was DEFINITELY there, right around the corner, just waiting for us to claim it?

There’s an old saying that the world belongs to those who believe–but only those who believe. In other words, if there is a seeming disappointment in our lives, we have the ability to actually stop, think, and realize that this is not a loss, but rather the paving of a road to a different and much, much better option for us. The key, however, is to remember that in these situations, we must BELIEVE that it is there, trust in that, look for it expectantly, and then move forward with all intents to receive it, being grateful along the way.

If I could, I would show you some irrefutable evidence that this is true. The best I can offer anyone, however, is my own experiences, efforts, and outcomes based on these beliefs. I’ll expound a bit more in the future about each individual thing, but for now, be encouraged. You are indeed much more powerful and capable than you realize–and this isn’t simply an advertisement. This is reality. Be what you want to be and be that with all of your might. You absolutely can–and will.



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